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Worship Team

It is hard to decribe a style of worship without having a reference point, asking the question on our facebook page these are some of the comments we received "Up beat, fun indie rock" "Uplifting, modern with the beat of Jesus' heart" "Free, relaxed and amazing" "Full on rock with Jesus at the heart" "Epic" "Awesome, God led worship all the time" "Loving and exuberant" " feel good indie rock" "upbeat with a heart for Jesus"

Our worship team consists of many talented musicians some have played their instruments for years and some have only recently learned to play. Each Sunday there is a different mix of people leading the worship with guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, singers and other musicians joining in on different occasions. there is also a technical team who look after the sound desk and the projection system during the services.

If you want to get involved and join the worship team or the technical team please have a word with Jackie Oliver or any of the current guys.