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Life Support

Let's be honest, life can be complex, challenging and sometimes seemingly impossible. That's why as Christians, we try to live our lives as Jesus did, that is, not in our own strength.

Fundamental to our lives is our faith and hope in the Holy Trinity (God the Father"God", God the Son "Jesus Christ" and God the Holy Spirit). We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, the "ONE" who died on the cross and was raised from the dead for each and everyone of us. When we understand the reality of the sacrifice made for us, because of God's love, grace and power; and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, we allow God to direct our lives through the Holy Spirit; as a result we grow in faith and begin to live our lives in a Christ like fashion.
We cannot live a Christ Like life just by our own willpower.

Now we're not suggesting that the Christian who live their lives in the fullness of the Spirit will have no difficulties, far from it. Problems of poor health, loss of loved ones, financial needs and other such experiences are common to all people, including Christians. However, some of our misfortunes that we encounter are often because of a worldly attitude such as selfishness and greed.
As Christians, we are spared most of these hardships caused by a worldly attitude; but when we do encounter problems, the person living a Christ like life can face them with a calm, confident attitude because he is aware of God's resources which are available to him to deal with adversity.

Crewkerne Community Church is more than just a large group of people who gather on Sundays. We have various small groups and are a key expression of church life and regularly meet to help us grow in our faith, learn to rely on God and face life's hardships.
Joining one our groups provides an ideal place to develop a sense of community and belonging in a safe environment.

No matter whether you have been part of our community for a while or are simply a newcomer, becoming part of a group is one of the most effective ways of giving you an opportunity to not only enjoy community, grow friendships, but also to develop deeper relationship with God and join with others on the exciting adventure of living out life "God's way".