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Weekly Newsheets Available for Download

Document NameDoc AuthorDescriptionSermon Date#DownloadQR File
CCC Update 19/06/2020Pastor SteveCCC weekly Update 19/06/20202020-06-1955
CCC Update 12/6/2020Pastor SteveCCC UPDATE 12/6/20202020-06-1221
CCC update 11-04-2020Pastor SteveCCC 11-04-2020 update from Pastor Steve2020-04-1113
CCC News Sheet W/C 15-03-20Diane McWilliamCCC weekly News Sheet W/C 15-03-202020-03-1571
CCC News Sheet W/C 08-03-20Diane McWilliamThe CCC weekly news sheet W/C 08-03-20202020-03-08153
CCC News Sheet W/C 01-03-20Diane McWilliamCCC News Sheet W/C 01-03-202020-03-0141
CCC Newsheet 23 Feb 2020Diane McWilliamCCC weekly Newsheet W/C 23 Feb 20202020-02-2350
CCC News Sheet 16-02-20Diane McWilliamCCC Weekly news sheet W/C 16-02-20202020-02-1651
CCC NEWS SHEET W/C 09-02-2020Diane McWilliamCCC WEEKLY NEWS SHEET W/C 09-02-20202020-02-0945
CCC News Sheet W/C 02-02-2020Diane McWilliamCCC weekly news sheet W/C 02-02-20202020-02-0252
CCC News Sheet W/C 20-01-20Diane McWilliamCCC weekly news sheet W/C 20-1-202020-01-2641
CCC News Sheet W/C 19-01-2020Diane McWilliamCCC weekly news sheet W/C 19-01-20202020-01-1944
CCC News Sheet W/C 12-01-2020Diane McWilliamCCC News Sheet W/C 12-01-20202020-01-1242
CCC News Sheet W/C 05-01-20Diane McWilliamCCC NEWS SHEET W/C 05-01-202020-01-0546
CCC News Sheet W/C22-12-19Diane McWilliamCCC weekly news sheet 2 weeks commencing 22/12/192019-12-2250
CCC News Sheet W/C 08-12-19Diane McWilliamCCC weekly news sheet W/C 08-12-192019-12-0849
CCC Weekly News sheet 1-12-19.pdfDiane McWilliamCCC weekly News sheet W/C 1-12-192019-12-0146
CCC News Sheet W/C 24-11-19Diane McWilliamCCC weekly News Sheet W/C 24-11-192019-11-2442
CCC News Sheet W/C 17-11-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 17-11-192019-11-1557
CCC News Sheet W/C 10-11-19Sue MorlingThe CCC Weekly News Sheet W/C 10/11/192019-11-08360
CCC News Sheet W/C 03-11-19Sue MorlingThe Weekly CCC News Sheet W/C 03-11-192019-11-0352
CCC Newsletter W/C 27.10.19Sue MorlingCCC weekly Newsletter W/C 27.10.192019-10-2741
CCC Newsletter W/C 20.10.19Sue MorlingThe CCC weekly newssheet W/C 20.10.192019-10-2031
News Sheet W/C 13/10/19Sue MorlingThe CCC weekly News Sheet W/C 13/10/192019-10-1332
CCC News Sheet W/C 6-10-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 6/10/192019-10-0639
CCC News Sheet W/C 29-09-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 29/9/192019-09-2930
CCC News sheet W/C 22-09-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 22-09-192019-09-2246
CCC Newsletter W/C 15.09.19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 1/09/192019-09-1537
CCC Weekly news sheet W/C 08-09-19Sue MorlingCCC Weekly news sheet W/C 08-09-192019-09-0832
CCC News Sheet W/C 01-09-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly News Sheet W/C 01-09-192019-09-0146
CCC News Sheet AUGUST 2019Sue MorlingCCC news sheet for AUGUST 20192019-07-2847
CCC Newsletter W/C 21.07.19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 21/07/192019-07-2137
CCC Newsletter W/C 14.07.19Sue MorlingCCC Newsletter W/C 14.07.192019-07-1446
CCC News Sheet W/C 07-07-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 07-07-192019-07-0756
CCC News Sheet W/C 30-06-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 30-06-192019-06-3047
CCC News Sheet W/C 23-06-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheets W/C 23-06-192019-06-2336
CCC News Sheet W/C 16-06-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheets W/C 16-06-192019-06-1633
CCC News Sheet W/C 09-06-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheets W/C 09-06-192019-06-0930
CCC News Sheet W/C 02-06-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheets W/C 02.06.192019-06-0239
CCC News Sheet W/C 26-5-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 26-5-192019-05-2637
CCC News Sheet W/C 19-05-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 19-05-192019-05-1941
CCC News Sheet W/C 28-4-19Sue MorlingCCC Weekly news sheet W/C 28-4-192019-04-2866
CCC News Sheet W/C 21-04-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly newsletter W/C 21-04-19 2019-04-2143
CCC News Sheet W/C 14-04-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly newsletter W/C 14-04-192019-04-1442
CCC News Sheet W/C 7-04-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 07/04/192019-04-0740
CCC News Sheet W/C 31-3-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 31-3-192019-03-3156
CCC News Sheet W/C 24-3-19Sue MorlingWeekly CCC newsletter W/C 24-03-192019-03-2444
CCC News Sheet W/C 17-3-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly newsletter W/C 17-3-192019-03-1745
CCC News Sheet W/C 10.02.2019Sue MorlingCCC weekly newsletter W/C 10-03-192019-03-1045
CCC News Sheet W/C 03.03.2019Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 03.03.192019-03-03105
CCC News Sheet W/C 24-02-19Sue MorlingCCC weekly news sheet W/C 24-02-192019-02-2462
CCC News Sheet W/C 19.02.2019Sue MorlingCCC weekly newsletter W/C 17-02-192019-02-1758
News sheet W/C 10.02.2019Sue MorlingC.C.C. Weekly news sheet W/C 10/02/20192019-02-1052
CCC News Sheet W/C 03.02.2019Sue MorlingC.C.C. weekly news sheet2019-02-0342
CCC News Sheet W/C 27-1-19Sue MorlingCCC News Sheet W/C 27-1-192019-01-2742
News sheet W/C 20.01.2019Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 20.01.20192019-01-2044
News sheet 13.1.2019Sue MorlingC.C.C. News sheet W/C 13.1.2019 2019-01-1347
CCC News Sheet W/C 6-1-19Sue MorlingThe CCC News W/C Sheet 6-1-192019-01-0640
News-sheet-31-12-2018Sue MorlingThe C.C.C. News sheet W/C 30.12.20182018-12-2940
News sheet W/C 16.12.2018Sue MorlingC.C.C weekly News sheet W/C 16.12.20182018-12-1668
CCC News Sheet W/C 9.12.2018Sue MorlingCrewkerne Community Church Weekly News Sheet W/C 9.12.20182018-12-0937
CCC News sheet 2.12.2018Sue MorlingThe CCC News sheet W/C 2.12.20182018-12-0228
News sheet W/C 25.11.2018Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 25.11.20182018-11-2529
News sheet W/C 18-11-2018Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 18.11.20182018-11-1844
News sheet 11.11.2018Sue MorlingNews sheet W/C 11.11.20182018-11-1151
News sheet 4.11.2018Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 4.11.20182018-11-0458
News sheet 28.10.2018Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 28.10.20182018-10-2837
News sheet W/C 21.10.2018Sue MorlingCCC News sheet W/C 21.10.20182018-10-2133
News sheet 14.10.2018Sue MorlingThe CCC News sheet W/C 14.10.20182018-10-1436
Newssheet 7.10.2018Sue MorlingThe CCC weekly News Sheet W/C 7/10/182018-10-0746
News sheet W/C 30.09.2018Sue MorlingThe CCC weekly news sheet W/C 30/09/182018-09-3041
Newssheet 23.9.2018Sue MorlingThe CCC weekly news sheet W/C 23/09/20182018-09-2372
News sheet 16-9-2018Sue MorlingChurch News sheet W/C 16-9-20182018-09-1636
Newssheet 9.9.2018Sue MorlingNews sheet 9.9.20182018-09-0939
Newssheet 2.9.2018 Sue MorlingNews Sheet W/C 2nd September 20182018-08-3147
Newssheet 26.8.2018Sue Morling Newssheet 26.8.20182018-08-263
News sheet August 2018Sue MorlingNews sheet August 2018 (Please note that this news sheet also covers the month of August 2018)2018-07-2945
News sheet 13-7-2018Sue Morling News sheet W/C 13-7-20182018-07-1540
News sheet 8-7-2018Sue Morling News Sheet for W/C 8 July 20182018-07-0737
CCC May 18 News SheetChris CollingsMay 2018 News Sheet of Crewkerne Community Church2018-05-01165
CCC Newsletter April 2018Chris CollingsApril 2018 News Sheet2018-04-01161
CCC March 2018 NewsletterChris CollingsC.C.C. March 2018 Newsletter2018-03-0146
December 17 News sheetChris CollingsDecember Edition of the CCC Newsletter2017-12-01119
Nov 17 Updated News Sheet Chris CollingsNovember 17 Updated News Sheet 2017-11-0149
October 17 News SheetChris Collings October 2017 news sheet... 2017-10-0338
News sheet Septmber 17Chris CollingsSeptember edition of the church news sheet.2017-09-0531
August 2017 CCC News sheetChris CollingsCrewkerne Community Church August 2017 news letter2017-08-0137
July 2017 CCC News sheet July 2017 Church News sheet2017-07-0144
News sheet APRIL 2017Chris CollingsThe late edition of the APRIL 2017 Church news sheet.2017-04-1260
News sheet March 2017Chris CollingsMarch 2017 Crewkerne Community Church Newsletter....2017-03-0143
Jan Feb 2017 news letterChris CollingsJanuary & February 2017 News Sheet.2017-01-2045
Newsl sheet for December 2016Chris CollingsDecember 2016 edition of the Church News sheet2016-11-2982
November 2016 NewsletterChris Collings2nd Edition of the November News Letter2016-11-0148
October 2016 NewsletterChris CollingsOctober 2016 Newsheet2016-10-1450
News Sheet Sept 2016Chris CollingsSeptember 2016 News sheet2016-09-0949
News Sheet August 2016Chris CollingsThe August edition of the church newsletter.2016-07-2973
July 2016 News sheet Chris CollingsJuly 2016 News Sheet....2016-07-0188
CCC News Sheet June 2016 Chris CollingsJune 2016 News Sheet for Crewkerne Community Church....2016-05-2990
Newsletter April 2016Chris CollingsNewsletter for April 20162016-03-2786
News sheet March 2016Chris CollingsThe church news letter for March 20162016-03-0261
News Sheet Feb 2016Chris CollingsFebruary 2016 CCC News sheet2016-01-3153
January 2016 NewsletterChris CollingsJanuary 2016 newsletter2016-01-0169
December 2015Chris CollingsDecember 2015 news sheet2015-12-0162
November 2015 News sheetChris CollingsNovember edition of the CCC news sheet2015-10-3160
October 2015 News sheetChris CollingsThe 1st Edition of the October 2015 News Sheet2015-09-2564
September 2015 News SheetChris CollingsSeptember 2015 Edition of the News Sheet2015-09-0463
Aug 2015 News SheetChris CollingsThe August edition of the news sheet.2015-07-2578
July 2015 News SheetChris CollingsThe Monthly News sheet for July 20152015-06-2687
June 2015 News SheetChris CollingsThe news sheet for June 20152015-05-3181
Re-Issue of May 2015 New SheetChris CollingsRe-Issue edition due to a correction2015-05-0280
April 2015 NewsheetChris Collings 2015-04-0470
Newssheet 29.3.15Sue Morling 2015-03-2563
Newssheet 22.3.2015Sue Morling 2015-03-1866
Newssheet 15.3.15Sue Morling 2015-03-1355
Newssheet 8.3.15Sue Morling 2015-03-0646
Newssheet 1.3.15Sue Morling 2015-02-2747
Newssheet 22.2.15Sue Morling 2015-02-2076
Newssheet 15.2.15Sue Morling 2015-02-1465
Newssheet 8.2.2015Sue Morling 2015-02-0676
Newssheet 1.2.15Sue Morling 2015-01-3062
Newssheet 25.1.15Sue Morling 2015-01-2356
Newssheet 18.1.15Sue Morling 2015-01-1746
Newssheet 1.1.15Sue Morling 2015-01-0949
Newssheet 4.1.2015Sue Morling 2015-01-0274
Newssheet 28.12.14Sue Morling 2014-12-2752
Newssheet 14.12.2014Sue Morling 2014-12-1263
Newssheet 7.12.2014Sue Morling 2014-12-0553
Newssheet 30.11.2014Sue Morling 2014-11-2856
Newssheet 23.11.2014Sue Morling 2014-11-2059
Newssheet 16.11.2014Sue Morling 2014-11-1458
Newssheet 9.11.2014Sue Morling 2014-11-0763
Newssheet 2.11.2014Sue Morling 2014-10-3157
Newssheet 26.10.2014Sue Morling 2014-10-2469
Newssheet 19.10.2014Sue Morling 2014-10-1763
Newssheet 12.10.2014Sue Morling 2014-10-0757
Newssheet 5.10.2014Sue Morling 2014-10-0362
Newssheet 28.9.2014Sue Morling 2014-09-2664
Newssheet 21.9.2014Sue Morling 2014-09-1957
Newssheet 14.9.2014Sue Morling 2014-09-1189
Newssheet 7.9.2014Sue Morling 2014-09-0563
Newssheet 31.8.2014Sue Morling 2014-08-2861
Newssheet August 2014Sue Morling 2014-08-0164
Newssheet 27.7.2014Sue Morling 2014-07-2264
Newssheet 20.7.2014Sue Morling 2014-07-1745
Newssheet 13.7.2014Sue Morling 2014-07-1153
Newssheet 6.7.2014Sue Morling 2014-07-0346
Newssheet 29.6.2014Sue Morling 2014-06-2652
News Sheet 22-06-2014Sue Morling 2014-06-2274
Newssheet 15.6.2014Sue Morling 2014-06-1355
Newssheet 25.5.2014Sue Morling 2014-05-2470
Newssheet 18.5.2014Sue Morling 2014-05-1659
Newssheet 11.5.2014Sue Morling 2014-05-0862
Newssheet 4.5.2014Sue Morling 2014-05-0356
Newssheet 27.4.2014Sue Morling 2014-04-2646
Newssheet Easter 2014 (Rev.)Sue Morling 2014-04-1940
Newssheet Easter Sunday 2014Sue Morling 2014-04-1945
Newssheet 13.4.2014Sue Morling 2014-04-1151
Newssheet 6.4.2014Sue Morling 2014-04-0568
Newssheet 30.3.2014Sue Morling 2014-03-2846
Newssheet 23.3.2014Sue Morling 2014-03-2155
Newssheet 16.3.2014Sue Morling 2014-03-1450
Newssheet 2.3.2014Sue Morling 2014-02-2850
Newssheet 23.2.2014Sue Morling 2014-02-2151
Newssheet 16.2.2014Sue Morling 2014-02-1457
Newssheet 9.2.2014Sue Morling 2014-02-0868
Newssheet 2.2.2014Sue Morling 2014-01-3064
Newssheet 26.1.2014Sue Morling 2014-01-2464
Newssheet 19.1.2014Sue Morling 2014-01-1774
Newssheet 12.1.2014Sue Morling 2014-01-1152
Newssheet 5.1.2014Sue Morling 2014-01-0379
Newssheet 22.12.2013Sue Morling 2013-12-2140
Newssheet 15.12.2013Sue Morling 2013-12-1449
Newssheet 8.12.13Sue Morling 2013-12-0652
Newssheet 1.12.2013Sue Morling 2013-11-3055
Newssheet 24.11.2013Sue Morling 2013-11-2249
Newssheet 17.11.2013Sue Morling 2013-11-1636
Newssheet 10.11.2013Sue Morling 2013-11-0843
Newssheet 3.11.2013Sue Morling 2013-11-0245
Newssheet 13.10.2013Sue Morling 2013-10-1152
Revision to Newssheet 6.10.2013Sue Morling 2013-10-0546
Newssheet 6.10.2013Sue Morling 2013-10-0447
Newssheet 8.9.2013Sue Morling 2013-09-0659
Newssheet 1.9.2013Sue Morling 2013-08-3061
Newssheet August 2013Sue Morling 2013-07-2763
Newssheet 21.7.2013Sue Morling 2013-07-1948
Newssheet 14.7.2013Sue Morling 2013-07-1338
Newssheet 7.7.2013Sue Morling 2013-07-0544
Newssheet 30.6.2013Sue Morling 2013-06-2945
Newssheet 23.6.2013Sue Morling 2013-06-2145
Newssheet 16.6.2013Sue Morling 2013-06-1460
Newssheet 9.6.2013Sue Morling 2013-06-0742
Newssheet 2.6.2013Sue Morling 2013-05-3149
Newssheet 26.5.2013Sue Morling 2013-05-2451
Newssheet 19.5.2013Sue Morling 2013-05-1716
Newssheet 13.5.2013Sue Morling 2013-05-0955
Newssheet 5.5.2013Sue Morling 2013-05-0352
Newssheet 28.4.2013Sue Morling 2013-04-2748
Newssheet 21.4.2013Sue Morling 2013-04-2048
Newssheet 14.4.2013Sue Morling 2013-04-1148
Newssheet 31.3.2013Sue Morling 2013-03-2950
Newssheet 24.3.2013 (Amended)Sue Morling 2013-03-2331
Newssheet 24.3.2013Sue Morling 2013-03-2227
Newssheet 17.3.2013Sue Morling 2013-03-1644
Newssheet 10.3.2013Sue Morling 2013-03-0848
Newssheet 3.3.2013Sue Morling 2013-03-0146
Newssheet 24.2.2013Sue Morling 2013-02-2248
Newssheet 17.2.2013Sue Morling 2013-02-1541
Newssheet 10.2.2013Sue Morling 2013-02-0945
Newssheet 27.1.2013Sue Morling 2013-01-2447
Newssheet 20.1.2013Sue Morling 2013-01-1843
Newssheet 13.1.2013Sue Morling 2013-01-1243
Newssheet 30.12.2012Sue Morling 2012-12-2958
Newssheet 23.12.2012Sue Morling 2012-12-2059
Newssheet 16.12.2012Sue Morling 2012-12-1543
Newssheet 9.12.2012Sue Morling 2012-12-0747
Newssheet 2.12.2012Sue Morling 2012-11-2859
Newssheet 25.11.2012Sue Morling 2012-11-2348
Newssheet 18.11.2012Sue Morling 2012-11-1645
Newssheet 11.11.2012Sue Morling 2012-11-1043
Newssheet 4.11.2012Sue Morling 2012-11-0342
Newssheet 28.10.2012Sue Morling Newssheet 28.10.20122012-10-2729
Newssheet 21.10.2012Sue Morling Newssheet2012-10-1942
Newssheet 14.10.2012Sue Morling Weekly Newssheet2012-10-1329
Newssheet 7.10.2012Sue Morling Newssheet 7.10.20122012-10-0542
Newssheet 30.9.2012Sue MorlingNewssheet 30.9.20122012-09-2934
Newssheet 23.9.2012Sue Morling Newssheet 23.9.20122012-09-2118
Newssheet 16.9.2012Sue MorlingNewssheet 16.9.2012 2012-09-2013
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly sheet of events at CCC2012-09-098
News Sheet 02-09-2012Sue Morling Weekly sheet of events at CCC2012-09-028
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly sheet or events at CCC2012-07-2216
Weekly Newsheetsue Morling Weekly sheet of events at Crewkerne Community Church2012-07-1510
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly sheet of events at Crewkerne Community Church2012-07-087
weekly newsheetsue Morling weekly sheet of events at Crewkerne community church2012-07-0116
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly sheet of events at Crewkerne Community Church2012-06-2412
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly sheet of events at CCC2012-06-176
Newsheet 10-6-12Sue Morling Weekly sheet of events at CCC2012-06-108
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly list of events at CCC2012-06-033
weekely newsheet 27-5-12Sue Morling weekly sheet of events at CCC2012-05-277
Weekly Newsheet 13-5-12Sue Morling Weekly events at CCC2012-05-1317
Weekly newsheet 29th AprilSue Morling Weekly newssheet with events for crewkerne community church2012-04-2910
Weekly NewsheetSue Morling Weekly newsheet of events at Crewkerne Community Church2012-04-229
Weekly NewsheetSue MorlingOur weekly Newsheet of events at Crewkerne Community Church2012-04-1510
Weekly newsheet 8th AprilSue Morling Weekly newsheet2012-04-087
Newsheet 1-4-12Sue Morling Weekly newsheet2012-04-0113